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Groovy and Grails Recipes

Groovy and Grails Recipes is the busy builders’ consultant for constructing functions in Groovy and Grails. instead of dull you with theoretical wisdom of “yet one other language/framework,” this ebook delves instantly into fixing real–life difficulties in Groovy and Grails utilizing easy–to–understand, well–explained code snippets.

A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python

The ebook serves as a primary advent to desktop programming of medical purposes, utilizing the high-level Python language. The exposition is instance and problem-oriented, the place the purposes are taken from arithmetic, numerical calculus, statistics, physics, biology and finance. The ebook teaches "Matlab-style" and procedural programming in addition to object-oriented programming.

Clojure Programming: Practical Lisp for the Java World

Clojure is a realistic, general-purpose language that provides expressivity rivaling different dynamic languages like Ruby and Python, whereas seamlessly benefiting from Java libraries, companies, and all the assets of the JVM surroundings. This e-book is helping you examine the basics of Clojure with examples touching on it to the languages you recognize already, within the domain names and subject matters you're employed with on a daily basis.

Beginning SOLID Principles and Design Patterns for ASP.NET Developers

This e-book teaches you all of the crucial wisdom required to profit and follow time-proven good ideas of object-oriented layout and critical layout styles in ASP. internet five functions. you are going to discover ways to write server-side in addition to client-side code that uses confirmed practices and styles.

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Of course, these are not meant to be written by hand: Tool: Organize Imports Press Ctrl-Shift-O (Source/Organize Imports) to remove unused imports and add imports for unresolved names. If there are ambiguities, Eclipse will show a selection dialog to resolve them. Since the compiler by default issues warnings about unused imports, Eclipse can even invoke the tool whenever a file is saved (see Preferences/Java/Editor/Save Actions). 2 Navigation In real-world projects, it is necessary to keep an overview of large code bases.

85 Learn to think in terms of objects! Indeed, not all object-oriented languages have classes. Only in class-based languages, such as Java, C++, C#, and Smalltalk, is each object an instance of a class fixed at creation time. In contrast, in object-based languages, such as JavaScript/ECMAScript, objects are lightweight containers for methods and fields. Methods can even be changed for individual objects. We start our overview of the characteristics of objects by considering how entire applications can be built from them in the end: An application is a network of collaborating objects.

Tool: Format Code Press Ctrl-Shift-F (for Source/Format) in the Java editor to format the current source file according to the defined code conventions. 241Code conventions define rules for formatting—in particular, for line breaks and indentation—that make it simpler for developers to share source code: If all source of a project is laid out consistently, developers get used to the style and are not distracted by irrelevant detail. With Eclipse, obeying code conventions is simple and there is no excuse for ill-formatted code.

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