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5 3 IT H A P P E N S OFTENER THAN YOU THINK... before you realise it, a barrier has grown up between you and the people you supervise. Watch out for this. Never get out of touch. 5 4 CHESS IN ITS PLACE... . is all very well. It sharpens the brain. But you cannot treat your people like chess pieces and manipulate them. Remember they are human too : they are also interested in things and like to take the initiative just as you do. If you treat them accordingly you will get far better results. 5 5 THE IDEA Maybe it's an extreme example but there's no question about it.

6 0 If you do have to bawl out somebody take him aside where you can talk privately. Don't criticise him in front of others. With praise it is different. When a man has done something good, praise him loudly so that his friends and co-workers get to know all about it too. THE FRONT OFFICE... is all very well. It's certainly a very imposing and comfortable building but for goodness sake get out of it as often as you can and get down on to the shop floor and meet your men. Know at first hand the conditions under which they work—have chats with them.

And then the same thing will crop up again a few months from now. It's all part of the day to day job of a supervisor: he's got to have broad enough shoulders to bear this. It's part of his job. 2 9 JUST AS A HOUSE.. . i s built so we must try to build up people the whole time. If your men know that you're interested in trying to improve them and better their prospects they'll naturally want to break their backs for you. The development of people is the thing which a Company expects from every supervisor.

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