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National parks protect nature's attractiveness for our leisure, yet in addition they include the various most interesting outdoors technology labs on this planet. during this factor, you'll get an up-close examine key examine initiatives underway at 10 diversified parks round the usa. may venomous creepy-crawlies carry the keys to powerful, non-addictive painkillers? See why biochemist Glenn King is very happy to paintings with dinner plate-sized tarantulas and lethal scorpions.

Then, see how a doctor's gamble within the nineteenth century cleared the path for a brand new melanoma remedy. conversing of probability, are best poker gamers and different gamblers expert or just fortunate? And one other burning query: Are extraterrestrial beings at the back of a star's loopy gentle styles? You'll locate solutions to those questions and extra contained in the April factor of notice.

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Physicians chided Coley for poorly controlled and documented experiments. For example, he injected the toxin into multiple locations in test patients without properly noting the location of each injection. Despite his best efforts, the toxin was still inconsistent at best: Thirteen different formulations of his toxin were produced at one point, with some mixtures more effective than others. Furthermore, each patient reacted unpredictably to William Coley, now regarded as the father of immunology, did not earn that moniker so easily.

D IMMUNOTHERAPY’S RESURGENCE BioMed Valley’s intriguing C. novyi treatment is still in its early stages of testing and research, and it’s just one of many ascending immunotherapy treatments. In December 2014 the FDA approved Opdivo (nivolumab), which, like ipilimumab, is another checkpoint inhibitor to treat melanoma. ) As a follow-up act, the FDA in September 2015 gave the green light to the irst cancer therapy to combine nivolumab and ipilimumab to treat certain patients with metastatic melanoma.

The prosecution also had an expert witness, an economist named David DeRosa. He didn’t share Heeb’s views about poker. DeRosa used a computer to simulate what might happen if 1,000 people each tossed a coin 10,000 times, assuming a certain outcome — such as tails — was equivalent to a win and the number of times a particular person won the toss was random. But the results were remarkably similar to those Heeb presented: A handful of people appeared to win consistently, and another group seemed to lose a large number of times.

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