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By Irene Dorfman

An advent to the realm for non-specialists with an unique method of the mathematical foundation of 1 of the most popular learn themes in nonlinear technology. offers with particular facets of Hamiltonian concept of platforms with finite or endless dimensional section areas. Emphasizes structures which happen in soliton idea. Outlines present paintings within the Hamiltonian thought of evolution equations.

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The result will give us a ff^eSIi. It is easy to deduce that H is a Hamiltonian operator. This concludes the proof. 7 Lie algebra structures in the space of 1-forms As has been already demonstrated, to any Hamiltonian operator ffiQ1 -»2I there corresponds a mapping that is a morphism of the Lie algebras. We show in this section that there also exists a special Lie algebra structure [ , ] H on Q1, such that both d and H in the operator sequence are morphisms of Lie algebras. Below we assume that the pairing between 91 and fl1 is nondegenerate.

18 The theorem does not state that all ht commute in 91. 1 to prove that [fc f ,hj\®OeJSf,\h i9 hj\®QsJl. 4 for 5£ and «^, respectively. 6), so in this particular case we have [/i£, hj] = 0. 19 The main theorem, as formulated above, supposes that ht and ££ are given. 1) where ho^^^x and ho+-+£o mean h0 © f _ x eS£ and h0©£oeJf, respectively. 1 This recipe works as follows: find some hl9 such that hl@£)OeS^ and some £x such that h1@^leJi. * vanishing. It will be demonstrated in Chapters 5 and 6 how the recipe just described works in practice.

16), we get lf KZ2) = - (L H4i9 , m2) + ( L ^fcH Thus the required formula is proved. The converse is proved by similar reasoning. This ends the proof. It will be demonstrated in the next section that with any Hamiltonian pair one can associate a structure which is a version of the Nijenhuis operator, that is called the Nijenhuis relation. In order to make this notion clearer, we now describe Nijenhuis operators associated with Hamiltonian pairs, assuming the operators under consideration invertible.

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