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By Jim D. Marshall, J. D. Marshall, Geological Society of London, British Sedimentological Research Group

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Present address: Department of Geology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E3, Canada. Porosity reduction, microfabric and resultant lithification in UK uncemented sands S. N. Palmer & M. E. Barton SUMMARY: Studies of the extent of diagenetic change in matrix-free, uncemented, quartzose sands ranging in age from the Jurassic to the Recent in the UK have been carried out as part of a geotechnical research programme. All the sands studied are thought to have experienced only a relatively small depth of burial and the extent of diagenetic change is consequently small.

An experimental study of the maximum and minimum porosities of sands. Proceedings of the 2nd International Confer- ence of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Rotterdam, 1, 158-65. LOUCKS,R. , MARIANNE,M. D. & GALLOWAY,W. E. 1984. Regional controls on diagenesis and reservoir quality in Lower Tertiary Sandstones along the Texas Gulf coast. In: MCDONALD, O. A. & SURDAM, R. C. (eds) Clastic Diagenesis, pp. 15-45. The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. MAXWELL,J. C. 1960. Experiments on compaction and cementation of sand.

4. Number of grain contacts per grain (contact index) versus age, illustrating an increase in the state of packing with time. 100 Tangential Long Strt. Short St(t. Long C - C Short C - C o,<,~ ~ ............... <-/ ss . ~. ~ .... --. ) FIG. 5. Grain contact morphology versus chronological age. The plot illustrates a progressive decrease of tangential contacts and increase in planar-type contacts with age. The latter causes gradual increase in the grain-grain contact areas and the state of fabric interlocking with age.

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