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Com/bonus/ DETECT DECEIT down. ” In actuality, the chances are the person isn’t simply hiding their inner feelings badly, by producing an unconvincing smile, but instead uses an obviously faked smile to let others know they’re uncomfortable but staying strong, to elicit some attention from those that notice. In this manner, we all use carefully chosen and constructed smiles to alter how people react to us in social life, and thereby improve the situation and guide it on the path we’d most like it to follow.

Com/bonus/ DETECT DECEIT subconsciously they know they able to do it out of sight. Take advantage of this by casually moving your position and thereby improving your line of sight with their lower body – it’ll make it easier to notice leg squeezes, foot tapping, leg and feet direction & adjustments, and the next and final lower body tell: leg crossing. Leg Crossing Near the beginning of this book, I described how someone sitting in a bar with their friends might fold their arms as a form of self-comfort to help them cope with the feeling of awkwardness they’re experiencing.

Taken by surprise, Claire – quite convincingly – says: “No. To be honest, I’ve hardly seen him around. Is he the tall one? ” “No, he’s blonde. ” Claire feels relieved: her friend believed her and the question about his hair colour, even though she knows it very, very well, seemed to do the trick. Jessica didn’t suspect anything. However, since the moment the issue was raised – and despite the success of her lie – Claire’s felt a fair degree of internal anxiety, which is now, as Jessica continues to talk about the guy from work, showing itself in the way she’s moving her body.

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