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By Jean Paul V.A

This booklet will supply sturdy designing edges to the builders and increase their item orientated talents. Jean Paul V.A is a software program Developer engaged on Microsoft applied sciences for the earlier 10 years. He has been obsessed with programming and mentored plenty of builders on .Net and comparable applied sciences.

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We can find only the query is different in each case – the parameters like connection string is common for the entire application. "); After using the Façade the code will look like above. The complicated code is being pulled to the background SQLFacade class. com 61 Design Patterns in C# return true; } } } Façade pattern makes code better as depicted in the image below: Summary In this chapter we have seen how to use the Façade pattern to improve our code. It is similar to the use of reusable functions and it pulls out the complications and provides an easier interface for use.

NET provides the following implementations of the above abstract class DbProviderFactory. OleDbFactory The above classes implements all abstract methods from the base class. Thus it will be providing concrete implementations of DbConnection which is SqlConnection, DbCommand which is SqlCommand etc. Instantiating from the above classes, we can start using the concrete implementations like following code. NET DbProviderFactory class. In the next chapter of Factory Method pattern the above discussed code will be used.

There will be only one Subject and multiple number of Observers. Registering and Unregistering In the above interface, the observer can use the Register() method to get notified about changes . Anytime, it can unregister about notifications using the Unregister() method. Notifying The Notify() method will take care of calling the listening observers. Associations The Subject and Observer objects will be having a one-to-many association. Using the Code The associated code is having a main form, where the Subject would be a class named ColorSubject.

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