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By Choong-Ki Chung; et al

This publication is the foreign version of the court cases of IS-Seoul 2011, the 5th foreign Symposium on Deformation features of Geomaterials, held in Seoul, South Korea, in September 2011. The e-book comprises 7 invited lectures, in addition to 158 technical papers chosen from the 182 submitted. The symposium explored principles in regards to the complicated load-deformation reaction in geomaterials, together with laboratory Read more...

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Critical Phenomena in Loop Models

Whilst as regards to a continual part transition, many actual structures can usefully be mapped to ensembles of fluctuating loops, which would characterize for instance polymer earrings, or line defects in a lattice magnet, or worldlines of quantum debris. 'Loop versions' offer a unifying geometric language for difficulties of this type.

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2000). Beside the stiffness, the knowledge of Vs provides crucial information about the engineering properties of geomaterials, in terms of stress state, layering, and other diagenesis such as inclusions and cementation (Stokoe & Santamrina, 2000). Moreover, Vs has been used as a criterion to assess liquefaction potentials due to earthquake seismic effect (Andrus and Stokoe, 1999). , high electrical output from a given mechanical input). As will be shown later in Fig. 5, this has achieved high-resolution signals, even at relatively low effective stresses.

Rubber membrane and marker As black rubber membrane is used for in-situ triaxial test, similar membrane made from black natural rubber is chosen for this laboratory test. The marker is determined as thin aluminum foil with mirror-like sunface whose sensitivity for CCD measurement is found to be the highest. A total of 651 tiny circular markers with a diameter of 1 mm are attached in lattice form of 1 cm interval on the surface of rubber membrane. Photograph 2 shows the rubber membrane with these markers.

Figure 3. Schematic showing the different elements of the measuring system. V Vhv H (a) H V Z Y X Vhθ θ H V (b) Wave propagation Wave polarization Figure 4. Schematic showing wave directions and polarization for (a) vertical and horizontal planes, (b) skew plane (Not to scale). , 1996), a one-cycle sine wave was used as the input signal. It is believed that a pulsed signal of wide spectrum of frequency may aggravate the near-filed effect and give rise to the compression wave that precedes the actual arrival of the shear wave.

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