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By Yves Buffetaut

Released to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the landings at Normandy, this reprint of a vintage paintings deals a good appraisal of the Allies' naval contribution to the biggest amphibious operation in historical past. the writer examines the ships, strategic and tactical making plans, the channel voyage, landings on either American and British shores, the Mulberry Harbours, the nice hurricane, and appears on the invasion from the viewpoint of amphibious operations all through global warfare II. With the large diversity of craft certain and aiding plans and motion photos, this reprint is the simplest on hand account of Operation Overlord. 164 pages. one hundred forty illustrations. Hardcover. eight 0.5 x eleven inches.

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There were only tw-o of these curious vessels, one of which was mined in early 1945. 7in, one 12pdr, four 20mm 42 D-Day Ships The LSC (Landing Ship, Carrier) were simply the npe of merchantman known as a 'heavy lift ship', fitted with very heavy derricks to lift such loads as locomotives, boilers, etc. They were merely converted to carry loaded LCMs on deck and use their existing derricks for lowering them. These rw^o vessels amphibious vehicles. They had ramps both fore and but were not intended to approach the beach.

The astonishing LC\T design were assembled. near these numbers. -: Armour: Crew: 3 'Ain ramp and Propulsion: Hall-Scott total of (LC\' given Length: 36ti oa (36ft 3in) examples were fitted with TCS or TBK radios to permit contact with their mother ships or control craft. Used as a tloatmg ambulance it could carry seven stretchers. They were also much in use as tugs for elements of the Mulberry harbour and many other engineering or harbour Particulars of the Gray 225bhp in (ramp only) 250bhp petrol engine or diesel Losses: the Royal 62 LCVPs sides a light vehicle Na\7 1944 lost 3 LCVs, 4 LCEs and D-Day Ships 30 1 An LCP shows an LCM( 1 ).

The black right parasol-like shapes are of 20mm at Oerlikons full elevation in their mounts and with waterproof covers over them, the way usual stowing of this particular weapon. The LST's weapons arc in a similar position, but unshroudcd. sr (iWM Landing Craft and Ships 47 D-Day Ships 48 and therefore They were backed up by the three converted LST(l)s and another three converted LST(2)s which were called FDTs (fighter fighter interceptions of potential raiders, well equipped with radar and radios.

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