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NOTE: FCC type acceptance procedures call for testing the carrier frequency over the temperature range of 0–50 degrees centigrade, and at line voltages from 85% to 115% of rating. ) 5–10 FM500 User's Manual Section 6—Reference Drawings The illustrations in this section may be useful for making adjustments, taking measurements, troubleshooting, or understanding the circuitry of your transmitter.

U706 is a switching regulator for both +12 volts and –12 volts. It runs at about 52 kHz. Energy for –12 volts is taken from inductor L702 during the off portion of the switching cycle. The –12 volts tracks the +12 volts within a few tenths of a volt. There will be no –12 volts until current is drawn from the +12 volts. Q702, Q703, and Q704 form an active filter and switch, supplying DC voltage to the RF driver, when the Carrier switch is on. The program detection circuit is made up of U701 and U702.

1 seconds) after the peak. The “Pilot” indicator illuminates when the transmitter is in the stereo mode. To verify the actual (or more precise) modulation percentage, connect a certified modulation monitor to the RF monitor jack on the rear panel. 4 Input Gain Switches The “+6 dB” and “+12 dB” slide switches set audio input sensitivity according to the following table. Nominal Input Sensitivity +10 dBm +4 dBm -2 dBm -8 dBm Switches +6 dB +12 dB Down Down Up Down Down Up Up Up Table 3–1 Input Gain Switches Find, experimentally, the combination of Input Gain switch settings that will bring the Wideband gain-reduction indicator to mid scale for “normal” level program material.

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