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Htm, October 9, 2006. , “Effects of Process Parameters of the IS Process on Total Thermal Efficiency to Produce Hydrogen from Water”, J. Chem Eng. Japan, 36(7), 887-899 (2003). -F. , “Entropy production, efficiency, and economics in the thermochemical generation of synthetic fuels. I. The hybrid sulfuric acid process", Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 2, 377-385 (1977). , “Recent developments in the technology of sulphur dioxide depolarized electrolysis”, J. Appl. , 11, 347-355, 1981. , “Hydrogen Production System with High Temperature Electrolysis for Nuclear Power Plant”, International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants, Reno, NV, June 6, 2006.

Table 4-2 Comparison between Net Thermal Efficiencies for High Temperature Water-splitting Versus Electrolysis Case No. η p, max ηe η p, elec * 1. 40 2. Li / ODS FS 3. 50 4. 44 5. 36 6. 8 [Sviatoslavsky et al. (2005)] [Raffray (2006)] [Boccaccini et al. (2000)] [Raffray et al. 3 * standard state pressure = 1 bar Large positive values for the enthalpy change, ∆H°, indicate that the reaction is strongly endothermic – not at all surprising since the reverse reaction is the combustion of hydrogen gas.

2, DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy, Science & Technology (DOE-NE) is sponsoring the development of water-splitting technologies for use with advanced fission reactors through the NHI. The high temperature heat input to these water-splitting processes is within the range of temperatures being considered for HAPL, so they can serve as a reference point. For example, General Atomics’ (GA’s) Hydrogen Modular Helium Reactor, the H2-MHR, is one of the designs being used as the basis for NHI development.

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