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She is engaged to a Scotsman named Mike Campbell, has a brief fling (while engaged) with a desperate and persistent Jewish American admirer named Robert Cohn, and becomes infatuated (while still engaged) with a handsome young Spanish bullfighter named Pedro Romero. ” This novel is often considered Hemingway’s best, and it had a major impact when first published. Many critics have argued that the book satirizes the empty lives of its generally superficial characters, but many initial readers were intrigued by the hedonistic lifestyle the novel describes, and many young women tried to model their conduct and appearance on that of the boyish, shapely, and vivacious Lady Brett.

Despite conflict within the group of peasants, Jordan succeeds in destroying the bridge, but he dies in the process. This novel was strongly praised when it first appeared (although some communists disliked its depiction of leftist atrocities), and a few critics even argued that it is better than either The Sun Also Rises or A Farewell to Arms. Other readers, however, have found it too long, too sentimental, too lax in its structure, and too hard to believe in its depiction of the love of Jordan and Maria.

Yet while one might use the term “Fitzgeraldesque” to speak of a certain mood (perhaps, the elegiac) or of a set of themes (say, the unacknowledged sacrifice of the innocent, or the dark underbelly of the American dream, or the tragic nature of memory), it would not speak of a particular way of constructing sentences and using adjectives to anyone other than a Fitzgerald scholar. This is not to say that the language of The Great Gatsby is less powerful or beautiful than that of The Sun Also Rises or The Sound and the Fury.

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