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Box 3333, 2267 West Mill Road, Evansville, IN 47720, USA COMPOSITION Polyamide-6 or polyamide-66 impact modified, including fiberglass reinforced and unfilled grades, PA-6 or PA-66/elastomer. STRUCTURE 2 BLENDING BLENDING METHOD Mechanical BLEND MANUFACTURE Extrusion compounding. GRADES NY-7 - unfilled, toughened PA-6 J-7/13 - toughened PA-6, fiber glass reinforced J-7/33/IT - fiber glass reinforced, incrementally toughened PA-6 NY-8 - PA-6,6 based, impact modified, unfilled J-8/13 and J-8/33 - PA-6,6 based, fiber glass reinforced, toughened J-8/33/IT - incrementally toughened PA-6,6, fiber glass reinforced 3 BLEND PROPERTIES ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF THE BLEND Major advantages of using blend are superior impact strength, excellent chemical resistance, excellent surface finish, good heat resistance, easy processability, excellent part-to-part consistency.

The preferred procedure is to grind and reuse immediately after molding. Reciprocating screw injection molding machines are recommended for Geolast®. Barrel capacity should be less than 6 shots. Melt temperature should be in range 215-220oC. Mold temperature in the range of 50-75oC gives good results. 4 MPa, and screw speed moderate. Screw speed: 100-200 RPM. 4 mm, and gate diameters from 1 to 2 mm. General purpose resins such as polystyrene, SAN, or clear acrylic regrind are adequate for purging.

Celanese Eng. Resins Rhône Poulenc DuPont 118 Formion EAA/PE FORMION® 1 INTRODUCTION A. Schulman, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of high performance plastic compounds for engineering applications. A complete line of produced materials includes in excess of 5000 products, developed for general applications or custom designed for a particular set of properties. This approach has to be recognized in analysis of the data below that constitute only a sample of entire product range. The family of Formion® resins includes polymer alloys, elastomer blends, mineral filler and glass fiber reinforced, conductive filler and flame retardant containing grades.

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