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By J. Leliwa-Kopystynski and Roman Teisseyre (Eds.)

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Relation 1<^ρ = /(log/7) for the four media. The Thomas-Fermi model is marked by a dashed line, the Murnaghan-Birch model is shown by a continuous line, and experimental data are from Boschi and Caputo (1969). 10 GEOPHYSICAL EQUATIONS OF STATE In studies of the Earth's interior, thermodynamic parameters such as density ρ, pressure p and temperature T cannot be measured directly. Indirect data are used for their determination, especially the velocity distributions of longitudinal waves vP{r) and shear waves vs{r) found by seismic methods.

L. Anderson carried out a comparison of experimental and theoretical data relating to the hydrodynamic sound velocity in a- quartz, coesite and stishovite. 1) was proposed by Birch on the basis of experimental data relating to longitudinal wave velocities in several rock samples under pressure of 1 MPa. It was found that the coefficients a and b have different values for different mineral compositions. 1a) where vP is in km· s _ 1 and ρ is in g· cm""3. , for modelling the density distribution in the Earth's interior.

Anderson and Nafe (1965). 3) of Don Anderson was made by Simmons and England (1969), who used experimental data relating to several rocks and minerals. They found many deviations from these equations, and this prevents the selection of one relation distinctly preferable to the others. A detailed analysis of various forms of the geophysical equation of state was made by O. L. Anderson (1973), who concluded that power relations between the hydrodynamic sound velocity φ112 and the density are more realistic than the linear relation of Birch.

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