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BC4 Change the irrigation method Only change the irrigation method and nothing else Table 6 Sub-actions D: Wastewater treatment outside industries r~N° Short Title DO Business as usual Short description Don't change anything to the present situation Renovation in sewage treatment technology, from primary to secondary treatment technology. Dl Renovation D2 Secondary Create wastewater treatment plants for all big cities. The plants will treatment for all big be designed for secondary treatment level.

V'\! ^JtllJLj^LJLA. \;/;f'V '-/> u\. V <--'V' .. X \,, "'v \J '-v £ _ ^ '. v^. 40xl0 8 load cycles (right) 4. Computation of effective modulus of 2D microcracked solid The FMDBEM is adopted to directly determine the effective in-plane bulk modulus of a square sheet containing 4,000 randomly oriented microcracks, as shown in Fig. 33. Fig. 3. The numerical results agree well with the estimation of GSCM, DM and Feng-Yu [17]. ; :,';'''; ■-; ;> ; 1 v^ „' ' „:. , -j Figure 33: A sheet containing 4000 microcracks Dilute SCM DM Feng-Yu GSCM • Numerical crack density Figure 34: Effective in-plane bulk modulus versus crack density Furthermore, the effect of crack non-uniform distribution on effective in-plane bulk modulus is also investigated using the FMDBEM.

A parallel hashed oct-trees N-body algorithm, in Proc. Supercomputing' 93, Portland, Oregon, US, 1993, pp. 12-21. 14. Liu YJ, Nishimura N, Otani Y. Large-scale modeling of carbon-nanotube composites by a fast multipole boundary element method. Comput. Materials Science, 2005; 34: 173-187. 15. Isida M. Effects of width and length on stress intensity factor for the tension of internal cracked plates under various boundary conditions. Int. J. Fract. , 1971; 7: 301-306. 16. Portela A, Aliabadi MH, Rooke DP.

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