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By Norman Arlott

This accomplished new box consultant is a wonderful addition to the world-renowned sequence - the last word reference ebook for traveling birdwatchers. each species of chook you may come across in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Andaman Islands, the Nicobar Islands and the Maldives is featured, except non-established introductions. appealing art depicts their breeding plumage, and non-breeding plumage while it differs considerably. The accompanying textual content concentrates at the particular features and visual appeal of every species that let id within the box, together with voice and distribution maps.

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G reater” Snow Goose is marginally larger and thicker-necked than “Lesser,” but this difference is not consistent enough to allow subspecific identifi­ cation in flight. “Greater” Snow Goose rarely p ro ­ duces “Blue” Geese, so “Blue” Geese on the Atlantic Coast are likely the nom inate race, caerulescens. SUBSPECIES: The edges of the upper and lower mandibles curve away from each other creating an opening called a “grinning patch” on the sides of the bill, which can be seen up to m oderate range.

C A C K L I N G G E E S E ( T O P R, B O T T O M L, A N D T O P C) W I T H C A N A D A G E E S E ( B O T T O M C A N D C ) A M B I G U O U S B I R D ( T O P L). MANITOBA, MAY. TOM JOHNSON. • C ac klin g G oose h a s a sh o rte r neck, s h o rte r bill, and m ore rounded head than C anada Goose. • Size s o m e tim e s provides an im m ediate way to separate these two species, but so m e Can ad as, su c h a s those breeding around H u d so n Bay, can be quite sm all, so subtle asp e c ts of structure m u st be em ployed to sep arate them from C ackling.

T W O A DU L TS. S W E D E N , APR. KEN B E H R E N S. • Note how the feet fall w ell sh o rt of the tip of the tail, w hich is lo n ge r and m ore w e d g e -sh a p e d than those of native sw an s. 32 MUTE SWAN TWO A DU L TS A ND THREE FIRST-CYCLE W H IT E - M O R P H B I R D S W ITH R IN G -N E C KE D DUCK, RUDDY DUCK, A M E R I C A N WIGEON, A ND GADWALL. N E W J E R S E Y , S E PT . C A M E R O N COX. • S m a ll g ro u p s of M ute S w a n s often m ake sh o rt fligh ts between sh a llo w w etlands.

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