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One example is if you were to flip a coin multiple times. In order to calculate the probability of this type of event, we need to look at one more formula. The probability of getting successes in trials is given by: where: is the number of successes from the trials. is the probability of the event occurring. is the probability of the event not occurring. Now, remember that in Chapter 2, you learned about the formula for . The formula is shown below: Also, recall that the symbol ! means factorial.

If an ice cream dessert can have 2 toppings, and there are 9 available, how many different selections can you make? 14. If there are 17 randomly placed dots on a circle, how many lines can be formed using any 2 dots? 15. A committee of 4 is to be formed from a group of 13 people. How many different committees can be formed? 16. There are 4 kinds of meat and 10 veggies available to make wraps at the school cafeteria. How many possible wraps have 1 kind of meat and 3 veggies? 17. There are 15 freshmen and 30 seniors in the Senior Math Club.

What is the probability that Janet reaches into the box and picks out an eraser on the second pick? 3. Determine whether the following situations would require calculating a permutation or a combination: a. C. b. Selecting a lead and an understudy for a school play c. Assigning students to their seats on the first day of school 4. Solve for . 5. Evaluate . 6. How many different 4-digit numerals can be made from the digits of 56987 if a digit can appear just once in a numeral? 7. In how many ways can the letters of the word REFERENCE be arranged?

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