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S II 82) "If an ignorant man performs an act of 111crit, viiiiiiirla becoll1es pure (" acquircs lllerit"). If he perfofllls 4. e. "without accUlllulatioll of kal/lflla". Scc furthcr discussion under 6. IsIrcc ideatioll attributed to tli{jfiii~lc1 ? Little is said in the Nikavas about dreams, but free ideation is often conncctcd with vitliIiiUa. g. al,lavififiatabba dhapuua", "conscious processes cognizable through thc vitll1ii~1a of the inner sense". ple of what Inay bc included in lIJallo-vit1ii"ii~1cl is given in M I 293: "Nissanhena ...

SEMANTIC Chart 1. j~IAL 0 1 c =eitta m=mano v = viftnana 2 3 1 Entity v em 2 Process m cv cmv 3 Conscious m 4 Subconscious cv 5 Active n Independent 7 Surviving v mv (v) v em m a e amv H Changing n a v cv m m cv (v) c m Caused 10 Instrument 11 Can be trained 12 Attains liberation mv 13 Personality mv 14 Self mv c c amv 15 Personal Functions 16 Perception m 17 Super-knowledge c mv v c c m 18 Attention v 19 Memory, ideation c mv 20 Intelligence, thought v om 21 Feeling c mv m c v 22 Emotion 23 Needs, drives m 24 Will, purposiveness v v em em v 25 Activity, initiative 26 Moral traits a em v The concept 27 c (v) Empirical mv cmv 28 Complex m 29 Central 209 cv UNIVERSITY OF CEYLON REVIEW References to the semantic differential A.

This citta he holds fixed, flrul1y established, and develops it. Thesc aspirations (satikhara) and this insisting of his, developed thus, zealously practiced, conduce to rebirth there. This is the way, this is the course that conduces to rebirth there". cf. the siInilar passage in D III 258 and D I ';;:0, both already quoted. Thc actions of a person BUY also bear fruit in this life: Aligulimala, for instance (M II 97-I05) was a robber who becanle an arahant. This did not savc him. fronl bcing severely wounded by sticks and stoncs that were not aimed at hinl.

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