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By Richard M. Bateman

This booklet addresses very important concerns, comparable to the overview of shale fuel reservoirs and their creation. issues comprise the cased-hole logging atmosphere, reservoir fluid homes; circulation regimes; temperature, noise, cement bond, and pulsed neutron logging; and casing inspection. construction logging charts and tables are integrated within the appendices. The paintings serves as a finished reference for construction engineers with upstream E&P businesses, good logging carrier corporation staff, collage scholars, and petroleum education professionals.

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R. 6 Find PFgwf. 75. 1IBg = 140. I. 75 and 11 Bg 2. ReadpFgw! 13cm/cc. 140, as in small diagram. 16 Gas Density. Courtesy Schlumberger Well Services. Oil The bubble-point pressure is a critical item of data. It is used to make many of the estimates necessary for correct prediction of downhole conditions during the planning of production logging and/or interpretation of the results. S, Pwf, ,,/0' and ,,/g. 18 combines all these factors on one chart. BUBBLE-POINT PRESSURE. 7. 40 API. 200°F. 1000 cUB.

Find Tpc = ___ oF. b. Find Ppc _ _ _ psi. 14 to find the Z factor. 6 Ppr, Tpr, AND Z Given: Ppc TWf Pwf 662 psi. 149°F (OR 2913 psi. a. Find Ppr b. Find Tpr c. Find Z OF = ___ . = ___ . + 460). 1 2 : 1 . I 0 . i; ~ ~ II.! 6 c5 1 I- 1\ -~ :0 '"C. l Q <0 La: jlJ : , Ii u.. pr It 1 ~. ~ ~ t:±:: o. 'c5" 3 l Ppr ~ , , n [\ Q) E • :0 'iii '"C. Q) E o o 1. 3 () () 04 '" (/) ~ <0 " <0 u.. r e , 10 II 12 Pseudo-Reduced Pressure, 13 14 I~ •• Ppr Find Z. Given: PWf = 2000 psia. Ppc = 650 psia. TWf = 200°F (600R).

13 Pseudo-Critical Natural-Gas Parameters. Courtesy Schlumber- ger Well Services; after Brown and Katz 1948. 47 3. RESERVOIR FLUID PROPERTIES When more accurate results are required, the Z factor must be determined. This is a more laborious task and involves: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. finding the pseudo-critical pressure (Ppc ), finding the pseudo-critical temperature (Tpc ), finding the pseudo-reduced pressure (Ppr ), finding the pseudo-reduced temperature (Tpr ), and using the latter two to find Z. 13 may be used to find gravity to air and gas type.

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