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By Sadoon Morad

Carbonate cements are quite common and plentiful in clastic sequences. They profoundly impression the standard of hydrocarbon reservoirs and provide very important info on palaeoenvironments and the chemical composition and move styles of fluids in sedimentary basins. regardless of this value, their distribution styles in time and area and their geochemical evolution usually are not but deeply explored and elucidated. This particular book includes 21 overview papers and case reviews on carbonate cementation in clastic sequences written by way of invited experts at the topic. those papers current a large and deep assurance that improve our wisdom approximately carbonate cementation in numerous clastic depositional environments, tectonic settings and burial histories. The ebook should be of distinct curiosity to researchers, petroleum geologists and lecturers and scholars on the postgraduate point. while you're a member of the overseas organization of Sedimentologists, for getting information, please see:

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