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By Pamela Dell (Author), Kathryn Harper and Mark Domke (Editors)

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When the wind direction is not too far from the axis of the reflector but that the solid surface tends to develop a high peak torque as it is revolved. 14. 7. This table gives the weight and, where available, the manufacturing cost of each reflector. 7. In comparing the weights of reflectors that are similar but vary in size, it is reasonable to assume that the total weight varies roughly with the three-halves power of the projected area. Thk assumption is based on the postulate that when all dimensions of a specific reflector are retained in exact proportion as size is changed, the weight will vary with the cube of any linear dimension.

Sections writtenby other authors are as follows: Sec. 5, R. J. Grenzeback;Sec. 16, H. A. 17 and 2-18, M. B. Karelitz; Sec. 19, V. G. Bruce. 2 sharp back lobe of the same pattern as the one that would exist in the absence of the reflector. They can beused on any of awide variety of paraboloidal reflectors, however, because the radiation escaping through Even here, leakage of radiation the grill is not focused in a sharp beam. in excess of 5 per cent is considered undesirable. 2. -The primary mechanical requirement affecting antenna design, particularly with large reflectors, is structural rigidity.

3): . . . . . . . . . Same aaReflectorl Reflector 3 (Fig. 16, Sec. 6): Form. . . . . . . . . . . True paraboloid Projected contour . . . . . Ellipse Reflectingsurface.. . . . . Expandedmetal, l&gauge steel, kin. mmh with the long dimensionof the diamondvertical, arc-welded to the framework Supportingframework.. . . Carbon steel seamlesstubing, ~-in. and 1+-in. OD, arc-weldedat joints Reflector 4 (Figs. 10, Sec. 5): Form. . . . . . . . . . . True paraboloid Projected contour.

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