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By Federico Morelli, Piotr Tryjanowski

This ebook is helping to set up an easy framework to spot and use fowl species as a bioindicator for top nature price (HNV) farmlands.

This e-book specializes in compatible tools for tracking the HNV parts, and offers the result of numerous case experiences. The chapters recommend how you can combine ecosystems overview, geographical info platforms (GIS) and methods for conservation of neighborhood biodiversity. An cutting edge framework makes a speciality of using species distribution versions (SDMs) so that it will discover the significance of every attribute of HNV farmlands.

Furthermore, the booklet examines the relationships between poultry species richness, land use variety and panorama metrics at a neighborhood scale within the farmlands.

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Our findings showed that taxon type, such as birds and plants, are the most useful bioindicators for studying biodiversity in HNV farming systems. This results are according to McKinney, who argues that birds, mammals, and plants are the best-studied taxa along urban– rural gradients [10]. 34 Y. Benedetti HNV studies have come from different study disciplines, an interdisciplinary outlook that goes from biodiversity to veterinary science, agricultural science, social science, and public administration.

A), (b): Landscapes with similar ED and PR, but very different SHDI. 182, ED ¼ 75 m/ha. 900, ED ¼ 80 m/ha. (c), (d): Landscapes with similar SHDI and PR, but different ED. 083, ED ¼ 121 m/ha. 176, ED ¼ 263 m/ha. (d) Heterogeneity is increased not only by near-natural elements like forests and woody and herbaceous vegetation, but also by paved roads and built-up areas. Data and scale: Visual interpretation and manual vectorization of orthorectified aerial photographs (orthophotos), sample localities 1 Â 1 km in the Czech Republic.

Flick T, Feagan S, Fahrig L. Effects of landscape structure on butterfly species richness and abundance in agricultural landscapes in eastern Ontario, Canada. Agric Ecosyst Environ [Internet]. 2012 Aug [cited 2014 Nov 14];156:123–33 Available from: http://www. com/science/article/pii/S0167880912001843 82. Morelli F, Santolini R, Sisti D. Breeding habitat of red-backed shrike Lanius collurio on farmland hilly areas of Central Italy: is functional heterogeneity one important key? Ethol Ecol Evol.

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