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By Helmut Sigel, Roland Sigel

Steel Ions in organic structures is dedicated to expanding our figuring out of the connection among the chemistry of metals and existence techniques. The volumes mirror the interdisciplinary nature of bioinorganic chemistry and coordinate the efforts of researchers within the fields of biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, environmental chemistry, biophysics, pharmacy, and medication. quantity forty three specializes in the colourful examine region about the biking of components, metals, and non-metals in biology and geology; in 10 chapters this publication deals an authoritative and well timed account in this interesting topic

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Lanthanide Ions as Magnetic Resonance Imaging Agents. Nuclear and Electronic Relaxation Properties. Applications Lothar Helm, E´va To´th, and Andre´ E. Merbach 16. Interactions of Lanthanides and Their Complexes with Proteins. Conclusions Regarding Magnetic Resonance Imaging Silvio Aime, Alessandro Barge, Mauro Botta, and Enzo Terreno 17. Metabolism and Toxicity of the Lanthanides Robert A. Bulman 18. Cell Responses to Lanthanides and Potential Pharmacological Actions of Lanthanides Kui Wang, Yi Cheng, Xiaoda Yang, and Rongchang Li Subject Index Volume 41.

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The Evolving Role of H2 in Biogeochemistry The utilization of H2 in metabolic chemistry has remained a common thread throughout the long history of microbial evolution. The increasing complexity of individual organisms and microbial ecosystems has been mirrored by an increasing complexity in the role played by H2 . Successive biochemical advances have often retained and expanded on earlier aspects of H2 metabolism. This continuity and expansion in the microbial utilization of H2 corresponds to a continually evolving role for H2 in the biogeochemistry of the Earth.

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