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By Edward Abbey

During this clever and lyrical publication approximately landscapes of the barren region and the brain, Edward Abbey publications us past the wall of the town and asphalt belting of superhighways to big wallet of desert that extend from the internal of Alaska to the dry lands of Mexico.

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Thongleng, Kungba, etc. Pamakhar, etc. 1 Administrative units used by dzongpon [rdzong dpon] to collect tax for Tsona Dzong [mtsho sna rdzong] and Tawang Monastery 48 Taxation by the Tibetan Authorities and the Formation of Fortresses 6 Tsho of Drangnang (Drangnang Tshoduk) (1) Senge Dzong/Nyukmadung Tsho 2–4 villages West Kameng District (2) Chug Tsho 2–4 villages (3) Lish Tsho 2–4 villages (4) Sangti Tsho 6–8 villages (5) Dirang Tsho 12–16 villages (6) Namshu/Thembang Tsho 8–12 villages Taklung Dzong 4 Tsho of Rongnang (1) Toe Tsho Murshing, Sanglam, Domkha, Phudung, etc.

1). The tax was transported to Tsona Dzong via the Pangchenpa area, which was then known as Pangchen Dingdruk, and also via Lebo Tshoshi [Legs po tsho bzhi] in Tibet. It was transported by means of the ula system under the supervision of aides of the dzongpon, who, according to British sources, was simultaneously in charge of both Tsona Dzong and Gyangkhar Dzong. Since agriculture and stockbreeding were practiced in the Pangchenpa area, the tax collected consisted of cheese and butter. The dzongpon with the tax collected from the Tawang Monpa area (Shar Nima Tshosum) and his aides with the tax collected from both the Dakpanang and Pangchenpa areas, stayed together at Tsona Dzong from June to October.

Chandar pays rent to the village of Thembang once every 2 years and to the village of Namshu [nam shu] every year. ” This land rent is paid by pastoral people to farmers for the use of grazing land (see Chap. 7, Sect. 7). The village of Thembang currently consists of 67 households located within the fortress and 35 households outside. According to interviews (Mizuno, February 2010) conducted during fieldwork, the villagers practice the following tradition. A king of the Sherdukpen once governed the Boot Monpa.

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