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By Vishal Layka, David Pollak

Beginning Scala, moment Edition takes a down-to-earth method of educating Scala that leads you thru easy examples that may be mixed to construct complicated, scalable platforms and applications.

This e-book introduces you to the Scala programming language, its object-oriented and sensible programming features, after which courses you thru Scala constructs and libraries that let you gather small elements into high-performance, scalable platforms. you are going to research why Scala is judiciously used for severe enterprise purposes by way of prime businesses resembling Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, the father or mother, Morgan Stanley, credits Suisse, UBS, and HSBC.

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language that mixes either sensible and object-oriented positive factors. in addition, this hugely scalable language lends itself good to construction cloud-based/deliverable software program as a provider (SaaS) on-line applications.

What you’ll learn

• comprehend the fundamental syntax and mechanisms for writing Scala programs

• study the object-oriented positive aspects of Scala

• Use Scala's useful programming positive factors to outline and deal with concurrency

• construct parsers utilizing Scala’s library of parser combinators

• Create and manage XML content material utilizing Scala

• benefit from Scala's ordinary annotations or even create your own

• combine and reuse an latest Java codebase

• construct tasks that comprise either Scala and Java code and dependencies

• Use Scala libraries and Scala internet frameworks akin to Play 2 to construct net purposes with Scala

Who this booklet is for

This publication is for all programming fans and for Java builders seeking to lessen boilerplate code, enhance crew functionality, increase inter-team dynamics, and construct extra scalable and powerful structures. additionally, this e-book will attract Java builders seeking to do cloud-based improvement. finally, Ruby, Python, Groovy and different programmers trying to find a better functionality and a higher language will profit.

Table of Contents

1 : Getting all started with Scala

2 : fundamentals of Scala

3 : OOP in Scala

4: useful programming in Scala

5: development matching

6: Scala Collections

7: characteristics

8: varieties and Implicits

9: Scala and Java Interoperability

10: SBT

11: construction internet functions with Scala

12: DSL

13: Scala top practices

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Sample text

Overriding methods inherited from a super class class Car (speed : Int) extends Vehicle(speed) { override val mph: Int= speed override def race() = println("Racing Car") } The class Car extends Vehicle class using the keyword extends. The field mph and the method race needs to be overridden using the keyword override. Listing 3-18 shows another class Bike that extends Vehicle. Listing 3-18. race() Racing Bike Traits Suppose you want to add another class to your vehicle hierarchy. This time you want to add a Batmobile.

Method Invocation Scala provides a number of syntactic variations for invoking methods. method This allows methods without parameters methods to appear as properties or fields on the target instance. This results in more visually pleasing code. , Scala’s dotless method notation creates a syntactically neutral way of invoking methods that are hard-coded operators in Java. method[TypeParam](p1,p2) Objects In Scala, you can use object to refer to an instance of a class as in Java and you can also use object as a keyword.

As you can see here, you cannot access the field title of the Book. title ^ 37 Chapter 3 ■ Object Orientation in Scala At first sight, parameter declared without val or var and the parameter declared as private val or private var behaves in the same manner. To appreciate the difference between the two, look at Listing 3-2. Listing 3-2. printTitle(new Book("Beginning Erlang")) Beginning Erlang As you can see in this case, you can change the title of the Book because the title is a private field that is accessible to this object and the other objects of Book.

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