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By Sherry F. Colb, Michael C. Dorf

How can somebody who condemns looking, animal farming, and animal experimentation additionally desire felony abortion, that is the planned destruction of a human fetus? The authors of thrashing Hearts target to reconcile this obvious clash and look at the strangely related strategic and tactical questions confronted by way of activists within the pro-life and animal rights movements.

"Beating Hearts" continues that sentience, or the power to have subjective studies, grounds a being's entitlement to ethical predicament. The authors argue that almost all human exploitation of animals is unjustified. Early abortions don't contradict the sentience precept simply because they precede fetal sentience, and "Beating Heart"s explains why the mere capability for sentience doesn't create ethical entitlements. past due abortions do bring up critical ethical questions, yet forcing a girl to hold a baby to time period is challenging as a kind of gender-based exploitation. those moral explorations result in a much broader dialogue of the options deployed by way of the pro-life and animal rights hobbies. should still criminal reforms precede or keep on with attitudinal alterations? Do gory photos win over or alienate supporters? Is violence ever principled? by way of probing the connections among debates approximately abortion and animal rights, "Beating Hearts" makes use of each one hugely contested set of inquiries to make clear the opposite.

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