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Released 9 instances a 12 months, Backpacker is of wasteland go back and forth, providing useful, "you can do it, here's how" suggestion that can assist you get pleasure from each journey. choked with the easiest locations, equipment, and data for all types of climbing and tenting journeys.

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The tail is long and slightly notched, and the wings are long and pointed, extending past the tail in the perched bird. In flight a distinct white patch can be seen on both sides of the wings. During the day the Common Nighthawk is usually seen roosting on posts or branches with its eyes closed. The voice is a short, nasal, buzzing sound. The illustration shows an adult male. 75” Season: Summer Habitat: Open mixed woodlands The Whip-poor-will is a plump, compact nightjar that roosts during the day and catches flying insects by night.

The adult is illustrated. Sora, Porzana carolina Family Rallidae (Rails, Coots) Size: 9” Season: Summer Habitat: Marshes, meadows The Sora is a small, short-tailed, chicken-shaped rail with long, thin toes. Plumage is mottled rusty brown above and grayish below, with white barring along the belly and sides. The head has a black patch between the eye and the yellow, conical bill. The tail is pointed and often cocked up and flicked. Juveniles are pale brown below, with less black on the face. Soras feed along shorelines or at the edges of meadows for snails, insects, and aquatic plants.

The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is a mediumsize bird with pied black-and-white plumage and barring across the back. The head is boldly patterned black and white, with a red crown and a red chin (white in females). The belly is unbarred and pale yellow; the surrounding flanks are white, with black barring. In flight a distinct white patch can be seen on the upper wing. The adult male is illustrated. 5” Season: Year-round Habitat: Woodlands, parks, streamsides, urban areas The Downy Woodpecker is a tiny woodpecker with a small bill and a relatively large head.

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