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Birds of Prey of the World

A Golden consultant ® FROM ST. MARTIN'S PRESS
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Some of the main staggering and awe-inspiring predators on the earth, the raptors, or birds of prey have captivated us for hundreds of years. This Golden advisor from St. Martin's Press bargains a desirable examine those extraordinary birds.

* Covers all raptors, together with hawks, eagles, vultures, falcons, and owls
* searching innovations, migration, habitats, and more
* Wings, eyesight, and different impressive adaptations

Includes easy-to-understand and concise textual content, in addition to attractive full-color illustrations of the global species of raptors.

The Triumph of Seeds: How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses, and Pips Conquered the Plant Kingdom and Shaped Human History

We are living in a global of seeds. From our morning toast to the cotton in our outfits, they're relatively actually the stuff and employees of lifestyles, assisting diets, economies, and civilizations all over the world. simply because the look for nutmeg and the standard peppercorn drove the Age of Discovery, so did espresso beans aid gas the Enlightenment, and cottonseed aid spark the economic Revolution.

Yorkshire Dales (Collins New Naturalist Library, Volume 130)

A definitive usual background of the Yorkshire Dales, overlaying the diversity of natural world habitats, wealthy cultural background and ecological background of 1 of our best-loved nationwide Parks. The Yorkshire Dales nationwide Park is a unique position: its awesome surroundings and the range of habitats may be unrivalled in the other nationwide Park in Britain.

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Beaver skins make warm waterproof clothing and hats for people, and were once extremely valuable. Millions of beavers were trapped in Europe and America for their fur, meat, and for a smelly substance called castoreum (from glands in their rear). People have used castoreum for thousands of years to treat many illnesses. It contains a chemical similar to aspirin, which comes from the bark of willow trees. Beavers eat willow trees. In the mid-eighteenth century, the French fought a terrible war against Native Americans over land where beavers were once common.

Brown bears live across the northern hemisphere, from Canada and the United States to Russia, China, Europe, and the Middle East. They were once even more widespread, but brown bears have died out in North Africa, the British Isles, and most of Europe. Fact File BROWN BEAR Ursus arctos Family: Ursidae Order: Carnivora Where do they live? Northwestern North America, northern Eurasia, and scattered throughout east Central Europe and Central Asia Large and Varied Brown bears from different places are extremely varied.

Even the fearsome, meateating polar bear sometimes eats berries in summer. Sun bears and sloth bears especially like bees and termites. The sun bear has huge canine teeth for breaking open insect nests in dead wood. The sloth bear has a gap where its two upper front teeth should be, and its lips are highly flexible. These features help the sloth bear suck up hundreds of termites at a time. 48 A giant panda makes its way through a forest, looking for bamboo, the only item on its diet. The giant panda is unusual because it eats only bamboo leaves.

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