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By C. Babbage [first publ. 1889]

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We believe that those customers want a degree of flexibility, of mix-and-match for their business demands. Therefore Open Systems is quite a natural evolution. " Open Systems is 53 IT Perspectives saying that that attitude was always an unrealistic basis of competitionit was non-sustainable by the market. It is certainly unsustainable as information moves from being a closed environment, as Jacques Stern was talking about, to being an open environment. So the Open Systems movement, not just at the OSI interconnect level but in all its aspects that affect utility, has to be the right thing.

DEC'S ENABLING TECHNOLOGY: THE VAX MINICOMPUTER AND ITS NETWORKED ARCHITECTURE I'd like to start off by telling you how this has come about. We established a network architecture and a single architecture for all our computers. On this basis we built our own information processing system, the largest computer network in the world. The benefits of this have been enormous. And the costs have not been great. The technology follows the way that people actually want to work. The people don't have to follow the technology.

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