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By Ronald H. Spector

Starting with a gripping account of 1 of the main decisive naval battles in history-the 1905 conflict of Tsushima among the japanese and Russians-and finishing with the subtle missile engagements of the Falklands and within the Persian Gulf, naval historian Ronald Spector explores each aspect of the previous 100 years of naval battle. Drawing from a couple of hundred diaries, memoirs, letters, and interviews, this can be, primarily, a masterful narrative of the human part of wrestle at sea-real tales instructed from the perspective of the sailors who skilled it. Exhaustively researched and interesting intimately, At battle at Sea is a huge heritage of the lads, the ships, and the battles fought at the excessive seas.

"Superb . . . Spector's account presents evocative and clean views on cultures, applied sciences and options that prompted sailors' lives and formed naval warfare." (The San Diego Union-Tribune)

"Monumental . . . Many books have recorded the historical past of the U.S. army, yet few have meshed that background with that of all different significant navies-an strange comparative strategy that brings into usually startling aid the virtues and flaws of our personal navy." (The Washington Post)"

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Three IZ-inch from the Asahi shells shattered the armor plate and opened an enormous hole in the side of the Oslyabya, which began listing heavily to port, steaming helplessly in circles. By this time the crew had panicked. "Not waiting for orders everyone rushed along shouting [the injured] frantically. The fitter sailors under foot mercilessly stamping on them Men as trampled they struggled and engine rooms hammered on the armored hatches, which could only be opened from above, shouting for people to come and release them.

M. "^^ strength consisted of the entire . When . Togo's battlefleet appeared at 1:30 in the afternoon to the north and starboard of the Russians, Rozhestvensky's two-column fleet formation, with the four battleships of the was first still in its division star- board and slightly ahead of the line of other ships, which were led by the Oslyabya. The Japanese enjoyed an advantage in speed of at least four knots over the slower Russian squadron, and Togo intended to exploit his advantage. Despite the Japanese admiral's later statement that his scouting reports enabled him to "clearly visualize the position of the en- emy," Togo was surprised to discover the Russian farther east than expected.

If Togo can tleship Asahi, officers gathered turret, smoking cigars good lead before closing, the punishment which fell so heavily on the Mikasa in the previous occasion this time will be more evenly dis- get a tributed. , Rozhestvensky 's sailors could see the light cruiser bow. is As humi about 8,000 yards off the fleet's starboard humi in shad- the morning went on, more cruisers joined the owing the Russian fleet. Togo later wrote that the reports continually received from the cruisers "enabled me to clearly visualize the position of 1 WA R AT SEA AT 4 the enemy despite the fact that I was ten miles away.

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