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Critical Phenomena in Loop Models

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B. Stuckey E. J. Sullivan, Jr. D. P. Weakland R. W. Swayne, Chair C. E. Moyer K. R. Rao Special Working Group on Nuclear Plant Aging Management (BPV XI) T. A. Meyer, Chair B. R. Snyder, Secretary S. Asada D. V. -K. Chung D. D. Davis R. L. Dyle A. L. Hiser , Jr. Working Group on Containment (SG-WCS) (BPV XI) J. E. Staffiera, Chair H. M. , Secretary P. S. Ghosal D. H. Goche H. L. Graves III H. T. Hill R. D. Hough C. N. Krishnaswamy J. E. Staffiera D. J. Tilly C. J. Wirtz D. J. Naus F. Poteet III A.

N. Hopkins K. Koyama D. R. Lee xxviii Copyright ASME International (BPVC) Provided by IHS under license with ASME No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS H. S. Mehta G. A. Miessi K. Miyazaki R. K. Qashu S. Ranganath H. Rathbun P. J. Rush D. A. Scarth W. L. Server N. J. Shah T. V. Vo K. R. Wichman G. M. Wilkowski D. L. Rudland, Alternate --`,`,```,`````,```,`,``````,,`,-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- Licensee=The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insuranc/5974277001, User=chel Not for Resale, 09/23/2013 04:59:31 MDT Working Group on Operating Plant Criteria (SG-ES) (BPV XI) T.

Errata correction. See Summary of Changes for details. 4. Added ERNiCrFe-14 to QW-432. Revised Scope paragraphs QW-101, QB-101, and QF-101. 1(d). Revised QW-356, QW-357, and QW-416. Added Part QG, General Requirements. Revised the Introduction, Part QW, and Part QB to eliminate redundancy with Part QG. Added a definition for the term organization. Globally revised Section IX to replace the terms manufacturer, contractor, assembler, installer, and fabricator with the term organization. Errata correction.

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