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Every day but Sunday when he’d splurge on croissants, half salty half sweet for Maria and the kids. It made him smile. So many years of loaves and smiles. Pedro no longer feels the loaves’ heat through the paper bag, no yeasted scent • 15 • rises to greet his nostrils, no smile though many more years have passed and the rains are still early. When will we stop dreaming another dimension, the minimum number of coordinates needed to describe each point of light, each particle of breath. When will our longing cease imagining a different plane, abstract, high-dimensional, the state-space of another place where they’re all alive, where Pedro still goes out each morning and returns with the breakfast bread?

28 • Como si la silla vacía Entre pintura y fotografía Árboles enormes y colores lavados de El Prado miran desde esta vieja postal, sus colores oscuros entre pintura y fotografía, estampillas y matasellos impreso parte del ardid. En otra vida podría mirar a esta escena y ver un jardín secreto. Pero aquí fue donde se lo llevaron Enero 3, 1974. Salió a las 9 y nunca más vino a casa. • 30 • Desaparecido Una palabra sin manos ni pies, nada puede hacer, ningún apretón caliente para dedos temblorosos, una palabra solitaria, sangre yéndose a la cabeza, saltando sobre muñones en carne viva antes de desplomarse en un montón de preguntas que se esfuman.

There were other names: Londres 38, José Domingo Cañas and Venda Sexy— yes, Venda Sexy—but Villa Grimalde all these years later is where the dignity of a granite wall bears this quilt of chiseled names: 580 from the MIR alone, although there are many more. Stone on stone returns identity to men and women stolen from life, numbers replaced names, making it easier to shock and kill, to vanish them from our sight. In this Park of Peace a rose for every woman lost and monuments among the trees • 23 • list them by name, party affiliation, gender and date of disappearance.

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