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By Ralph Stice

Arab Spring, Christian wintry weather will assist you tie newspaper headlines on your scriptural wisdom of the final Days. Ralph Stice attracts a transparent hyperlink among the Arab Spring and the increase of a world energy that looks to be ushering within the coming Antichrist.

This ebook also will convey you what you want to look ahead to in tomorrow's information and advisor you on how one can enhance your religion for stormy days forward. The Western Church has a lot to profit from Christian brothers and sisters within the heart East. well-known Scripture passages are unfolding with new readability to believers everywhere.

• Why the Arab Spring needed to ensue to satisfy scriptural prophecy
• How the Arab Spring ended in the unleashing of natural Islam
• Which country may be the an important hyperlink among East and West and bring an Antichrist figure
• The responses of heart japanese Christians to extreme persecution and what we Western believers can research from them

worry now not! he'll by no means depart us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). we'll become aware of Jesus in a clean means after we face precise persecution. How will your religion stand up to the nice misery, unequaled from the start of the area till now—and by no means to be equaled back (Matthew 24:21)? Brothers and sisters in Christ are dealing with this fact on a daily basis, instantly.

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This is a second-tier look at events, however, as if trying to see clearly through a distant fog hanging over these countries. But it’s the best we can do. If I had to summarize the state of many countries impacted by the Arab Spring as I write in the summer of 2014, I would characterize them as struggling in transition, with widespread violence ruling the day. The strongman has been thrown off in these nations, but when that happens, law and order break down on the local level. That is precisely what journalists and other observers are reporting in these newly “free” lands.

So that is what happened and continues to happen as I write. If an Antichrist figure is to arise out of the Muslim world, then that world must be unified in the idea that Islam is the answer to all of humanity’s problems. This brand of pure Islam requires the Koran to serve as a constitution and sharia law to govern society. It further believes that Islam is on a path to inevitable world domination where only two “houses” exist: Dar al-Harb and Dar al-Salaam – the house of war and the house of peace, with peace reigning where pure Islam resides.

C. school. She talked a lot about the Italian influence in her country, Tunisia’s proximity to Europe, the many Europeans who vacationed or had even moved to Tunisia, etc. She spoke as if Tunisians were semi-Europeans due to their continual exposure to Italian television programs, their inclusion of basic Italian in their daily language, and their belief that they had developed a civilization on the foundation of ancient Carthage and Rome – a dubious assumption, at best. As she spoke, I heard very little about the cultures native to modern Tunisia or any mention of Islamic or Arab pride.

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