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This identify takes complex builders and software program designers lower than the covers of .NET to supply them with an in-depth knowing of its constitution, services, and operational elements to allow them to create high-performance purposes for .NET extra simply and successfully. builders discover ways to application .NET functions whereas gaining a pretty good knowing of primary .NET layout tenets. This identify not just covers the infrastructure and structure of .NET in-depth but in addition exhibits builders the main useful how you can observe that wisdom.

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Thus, the CTS establishes the rules by which assemblies form a boundary of visibility for a type, and the CLR enforces the visibility rules. Regardless of whether a type is visible to a caller, the type gets to control whether the caller has access to its members. The following list shows the valid options for controlling access to a method or a field: • Private The method is callable only by other methods in the same class type. • Family The method is callable by derived types, regardless of whether they are within the same assembly.

Interestingly, if you were to delete public from in front of Ôclass App’ and recompile, both errors would go away. The reason is that the App type would default to internal and would therefore no longer be exposed outside the assembly. NET Framework SDK documentation. Let me distill the CLS rules to something very simple. In the CLR, every member of a type is either a field (data) or a method (behavior). This means that every programming language must be able to access fields and call methods. Certain fields and certain methods are used in special and common ways.

Of course, this assumes that you’re not worried about people reverse engineering the native CPU instructions in your unmanaged code. Keep in mind that any high−level language will most likely expose only a subset of the facilities offered by the CLR. However, using IL assembly language allows a developer access to all the CLR’s facilities. So, should your programming language of choice hide a facility the CLR offers that you really want to take advantage of, you can choose to write that portion of your code in IL assembly or perhaps another programming language that exposes the CLR feature you seek.

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