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This ebook offers skilled builders perception had to construct company functions for Microsoft's .NET platform utilizing C#. huge code examples and a operating case examine illustrate .NET ideas and applied sciences. After an summary of the programming version of the .NET framework, insurance contains the C# programming language, basic issues within the .NET framework resembling home windows varieties periods and ADO.NET, internet programming utilizing ASP.NET and cleaning soap, and extra themes within the .NET Framework together with safety and interoperability. Stiefel is a specialist focusing on Microsoft know-how; Oberg is founding father of a company that develops courseware on software program applied sciences.

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50 51 Static Fields and Methods In C# a field normally is assigned on a per-instance basis, with a unique value for each object instance of the class. Sometimes it is useful to have a single value associated with the entire class. This type of field is called a static field. Like instance data members, static data members can be either public or private. To access a public static member, you use the dot notation, but in place of an object reference before the dot you use the name of the class. Static Methods A method may also be declared static.

Pointer Types Pointer types are used only in unsafe code and will be discussed later in this chapter. Value Types In this section we survey all the value types, including the simple types, structures, and enumerations. Simple Types The simple data types are general-purpose value data types, including numeric, character, and Boolean. • The sbyte data type is an 8-bit signed integer. • The byte data type is an 8-bit unsigned integer. • The short data type is a 16-bit signed integer. • The ushort data type is a 16-bit unsigned integer.

Simple placeholders: {n}, where n is 0, 1, 2, . . , indicating which variable to insert • Control width: {n,w}, where w is width (positive for right-justified and negative for left-justified) of the inserted variable • Format string: {n:S}, where S is a format string indicating how to display the variable • Width and format string: {n,w:S} A format string consists of a format character followed by an optional precision specifier. Table 3-2 shows the available format characters. Table 3-2. C# Format Characters Format Character Meaning C Currency (locale specific) D Decimal integer E Exponential (scientific) F Fixed point G General (E or F) N Number with embedded commas X Hexadecimal 38 39 Sample Formatting Code The program FormatDemo illustrates formatting.

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