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By Sheikh An-Nawawi

This small e-book includes forty well known Ahadith gathered via Imam An-Nawawi which won recognition via centuries. Hadith is any documented narration, motion, or approval/disapproval of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

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Mouna Piroes Zainal Arifin, Medan, Sumatra, early 1950s. Photograph courtesy of Yayasan Serambi Pirous. but, unlike him, Hamidah was drawn toward mystical spiritual practices. She pursued dzikir, or mindfulness of God, through special meditation and chants – such as reciting the twenty exalted qualities of God, or the ninety-nine “beautiful names” of God (Asma Ul Husna). Hamidah and her husband also had very different views about art. Mouna Noor Muhammad was the more austere of the two 21 Becoming a Muslim Citizen and Artist and frowned on art as something that conflicted with Islam.

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