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By Clara Dillingham Pierson

Introduces young ones to the animals of the farmyard via a chain of enticing tales in regards to the sheep, chickens, cows, and horses that stay there. With new animals arriving usually, we make the acquaintance additionally of a pig and a peacock, in addition to a few geese and guinea fowls. every one tale closes with a gradual ethical, inspiring youngsters to correct habit. appealing black and white illustrations supplement the textual content. appropriate for a while five and up.

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He never gathered honey or made wax, yet he could not bear to see a Worker lose any time. The Worker did not hang herself up and make wax, however. She never did that except on cloudy days, and she was one of those Bees who seem to think that nothing will come out right unless they stop working to see about it. There was plenty waiting to be done, but she was too sad and anxious to do it. She might have known that since her friends were only minding the law, it was right to keep the new Queen in her cell.

He loved every feather on her body. "I don't want you to be a fledgling again," he cried. "I want you to help me make a home under the eaves, at a lovely little nest of mud and straw, where you can rest as you are now doing while I bring food to you. " "Yes," she cried. "Tittle-ittle-ittle-ee! " And she flew far up into the blue sky, while he followed her, twittering and singing. " said an older Swallow. " said the Swallow next to him. " he answered. "My dear, I am young now. I shall always be young in the springtime.

We shall never come back. We are going far, far away and we shall not tell you where. " "Let them go," said the Drones who stayed behind. " "Not yet," answered a Worker, who stood near the door. " The tender-hearted Worker came up wiping her eyes. " said she. "I am so sorry for her. " "Better keep on working," said her friend. "It's the best thing in the world for that sad feeling. " said the other Worker. " The Drones chuckled. It was all right for them to be lazy, they thought, but they never could bear to see a Worker waste time.

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