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Modern configurations of airplanes are characterized by a large percent. 15. Flight at High Lift Conditions 34 NAVWEPS 00-8OT-80 BASIC AERODYNAMICS EFFECT OF HIGH LIET DEVICES. ) is to increase the CLn, of the airplane and reduce the stall speed. The takeoff and landing speeds are consequently reduced. 15 and is summarized here: weight of the airplane and the horizontal component of lift be equal to the centrifugal force. Thus, the aircraft in a steady turn develops a lift greater than weight and experiences increased stall speeds.

6) The leading edgeradius of the airfoil is the radius of curvature given the leading edge shape. It is the radius of the circle centered on a line tangent to the leading edge camber and connecting tangency pcints of upper and lower surfaces with the leading edge. Typical leading edge radii are zero (knife edge) to 1 or 2 percent. (7) The Iift produced by an airfoil is the net force produced perpendicular to the n&ative wind. (8) The drag incurred by an airfoil is the net force produced parallel to the relative wind.

The aerodynamic force of lift on an airplane results from the generation of a pressure distribution on the wing. This lift force is described by the following equation: L=C& where L=lift, lbs. C, = lift coefficient. q= dy;:mic pressure, psf +p S= wing surface area, sq. ft. The lift coefhcient used in this equation is the ratio of the lift pressure and dynamic pressure and is a function of the shape of the wing and angle of attack. 11. , are eliminated by the coefficient form, an indication of the true lift capability is obtained.

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