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305); surface contamination assessment (see paras 508, 513 and 514); dose limits, dose constraints and optimization (see para. 302); segregation distances (see paras 306–307); emergency response (see paras 308–309); training (see para. 303); and quality assurance (see para. 310). 2. The scope of the RPP should include all the aspects of transport as defined in para. 106 of the Regulations. However, it is recognized that in some cases certain aspects of the RPP may be covered in RPPs at the consigning, receiving or storagein-transit sites.

Activated objects) and are also contaminated cannot be classified as SCOs. Such objects may, however, be regarded as LSA material insofar as the requirements specified in the LSA definition are complied with. See also para. 19. 6. Examples of inaccessible surfaces are: — inner surfaces of pipes the ends of which can be securely closed by simple methods; — inner surfaces of maintenance equipment for nuclear facilities which are suitably blanked off or formally closed; — glove boxes with access ports blanked off.

It is considered that the emergency response procedures of Ref. [10] and the compliance assurance programmes of Ref. [5] provide better approaches in most cases for unplanned events of these types. 4. Approval under special arrangement can be sought in respect of shipments where variations from standard package design features result in the need to apply compensatory safety measures in the form of more stringent operational controls. Details of possible additional controls which can be used in practice for this purpose are included in para.

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