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By Eric J. Toone

This e-book covers€important advances in enzymology, explaining the habit of enzymes and the way they are often applied to improve novel medicines, synthesize identified and novel compounds, and comprehend evolutionary processes.

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B. BULL The second possibility has beeit suggested by Neurath (80). He. pointn out that since the estimation of hiilfhydryl groups by nitroprusside, porphyrindin dye, or ferricyanidc involves t he oxidation of sulfhydryl to disulfide, two cysteine residues arc required for the reaction tlo proceed. In the native protein it may so happen that individual rystcinr residues are not cloac~ enough to form R disulfidc bond. In this chase thc rcagcnts will br ineflwtive in testing for SH groups. Upon dcwiti~ration,Iiowvcr, tile moleculc assumes a much looser and raiidoni :~rrangemrtitand, itwordingly, ~ ~ C I distant, cysteinr residws may come, st least tm~pornrily,into close c o w tact.

C. Watson, Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative B i d . , 6,208 (1938). 55. D. M. Wrinch. See list of reference$ in Zbid;, 6, 122 (1938). 56. D. M. Wrinch and I. Lnngmuir, J . Am. Chem. ,60, 2247 (1938). 57. D. l\rrinch, Phil. 3 (1938). ,X. I. Imigniuir, Proc. Phys. , 51, 592 (1939). 39. J,. Pniiling and C. Kiemann, J . Am. Chein. , 61,1860 (1939). 60. D. Crowfoot, I’roc. Roy. Soc. (London), A164,580 (1938); ,J. Ikrnal, Nafurc, 143,74 (1939); D. 1’. Riley tincl I. , 143,648 (1939). 61. M.

A fragment, of the cyclol fabric. The median plane of t,he Inniina is in the plane of t,he ptlper. lw papw. oxylsup\~ardr. -itw t ’ 11 I< with dirvction of chain initially oiitwaxtlr, 0- :irr (‘ H I< \\itti direction of side chains initially np\valdr. 3. It is said to be compatible with the x-ray studies of Crowfoot on crystalline insulin (56). 4. It provides a structure whicll would be expected to be disrupted or torn apart with comparative ease (57). Globular proteins, in general, denature with ease, and, accordingly, it is believed that the cage structure fulfills this requirement.

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