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A number of days out from the port of departure a stirring occasion a disaster of the ocean provides 3 vitally important personages to the cabin passengers of the Guardian-Mother.** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Bland, first officer of the Blanche," said the visitor, with all necessary nourishes. "I am glad to make your acquaintance, Mr. Bland. My friend Captain Sharp appears to be engaged in a frolic this afternoon," replied the commander, shaking hands with the officer. "This is General Noury's birthday, sir, and Captain Sharp is taking proper notice of it," replied Mr. Bland, as he took from his pocket a note, and delivered it to Captain Ringgold. " exclaimed the commander. "I wish him many happy returns of it;" and he opened the note.

The medicine used in my case was the Aristolochia Indica. "There is such a thing as a snake-stone, which is applied to the wound, and is said to absorb the blood, and with it the poison; but medical men of character regard it as not entitled to the credit claimed for it. A chemical expert pronounced it to be nothing but a charred bone, which had probably been filled with blood, and again subjected to the action of fire. It is possible that the bone absorbs the blood; but that is not a settled fact, and I leave it to Dr.

Mr. Commander, and ladies and gentlemen, I am utterly unable to express my high appreciation of the religious service in which we have all assisted. It went to my heart, and I am sure we who have been saved from perishing in the stormy billows joined heartily with him who officiated in giving thanks to God for our preservation," his lordship began. CHAPTER VII 33 "We are all profoundly impressed by the kindness, the unbounded hospitality, which have been extended to us in our unfortunate, I may say our forlorn, condition; and I am sure that not one of us, from the amateur captain of the Travancore, to the coolies who were saved by the Blanche, will ever cease to bless the commander, the officers, the crew, and the passengers of the Guardian-Mother for the overwhelming kindness and care they have all bestowed upon us.

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