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"A significant event.... This Casebook is not just approximately Volkov’s Testimony, it's approximately track outdated and new within the twentieth century, concerning the cultural legacy of 1 of that century’s such a lot extravagant social experiments, and what we need to examine from them, not just what they should examine from us." —Caryl Emerson, Princeton University

In 1979, the alleged memoirs of mythical composer Dmitry Shostakovich (1906–1975) have been released as Testimony: The Memoirs of Dmitry Shostakovich As relating to and Edited by way of Solomon Volkov. when you consider that its visual appeal, notwithstanding, Testimony has been the focal point of controversy in Shostakovich reviews as doubts have been raised pertaining to its authenticity and the position of its editor, Volkov, in growing the book.

A Shostakovich Casebook provides 25 essays, interviews, newspaper articles, and reviews—many newly on hand because the cave in of the Soviet Union—that evaluation the "case" of Shostakovich. as well as authoritatively reassessing Testimony’s genesis and reception, the authors during this publication tackle problems with political impact on musical creativity and the position of the artist inside of a totalitarian society. the world over identified individuals contain Richard Taruskin, Laurel E. Fay, and Irina Antonovna Shostakovich, the composer’s widow. This quantity combines a balanced reconsideration of the Testimony controversy with an exam of what the talk indicates for all song historians, performers, and considerate listeners.

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The subjects of the reminiscences include Musorgsky, Stravinsky, Meyerhold, Mayakovsky, and Chekhov. Careful comparison of the original passages with their counterparts in Testimony indicates that some significant alterations have been made. In several instances, sentences which would date the reminiscences have been altered or removed from the variants in the book. In one, the sen­ tence "I have been working on Lady Macbeth for around two and a half years" is transformed into "I worked on Lady Macbeth for almost three years" (p.

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