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By Robert L. Weber

This anthology offers an perception into the wit and mind of the clinical brain via a mix of fun and severe contributions written by means of and approximately scientists. The contributions list altering attitudes inside of technological know-how and reflect the interactions of technology with society.

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4 liters/hour. What, if anything, can you say about the type of food materials being consumed? e. During exercise, the metabolic rate increases. Someone performing hard labor for 10 hours a day might need about 3500 kcal of food per day. Suppose the person does mechanical work at a steady rate of 50 W over 10 hours. We can define the body’s efficiency as the ratio of mechanical work done to excess energy intake (beyond the BMR calculated in (b)). Find this efficiency. 9 · 1026 W. At Earth this gives an incident energy flux 28 Chapter 1.

9 · 1026 W. At Earth this gives an incident energy flux 28 Chapter 1. 4 kW/m2 . In this problem we’ll investigate whether any other planets in our solar system could support the sort of water-based life we find on Earth. Consider a planet orbiting at distance d from the Sun (and let de be Earth’s distance). At this distance the Sun’s energy flux is I = Ie (de /d)2 , since it falls off as the inverse square of distance. Let’s call the planet’s radius R and suppose that it absorbs a fraction α of the incident sunlight, reflecting the rest back into space.

We’ll see how this gave Einstein a way to measure how big atoms are, without ever needing to manipulate them individually. And. . Atoms really are that size! What did we really accomplish here? This isn’t the end, it’s the beginning: We didn’t find any explanation of frictional drag, nor of diffusion, yet. But we know a lot about how that theory should work. 10. This helps in figuring out the real theory. 4 Some notational conventions involving flux and density To illustrate how units help us disentangle related concepts, consider a family of related quantities that will be used throughout the book.

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