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By Morten Strange

Periplus is proud to provide the first actual finished photographic advisor to the birds of mainland Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Borneo. integrated are the birds of Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand and Indochina, in addition to these present in South China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This e-book covers 668 species and comprises greater than seven-hundred colour photos. there's a distribution map for every species.
Many of the pictures during this wonderful quantity seem for the 1st time and feature been conscientiously chosen to teach crucial species. The concise textual content presents very important details that may make sure exact identity of species in a single of the main various avifauna areas. fundamental studying for all chicken lovers.

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Thus, an American Goldfinch or Western Sandpiper in second basic plumage cannot be outwardly dis­ tinguished from one in fifth basic plumage, and the term “definitive basic plumage” may then be used. There is, however, a Catch-22 here, one that has gone largely unmentioned in molt studies: the F ig u r e 33. By su m m e r, the white sp o ts of a European S t a r lin g 's fresh b asic or form ative p lu m age w ea r aw ay to reveal a g lo ssy undercoat (see Figure 32). It d oe s not require a molt to change its s e a so n a l appearance.

Well-documented cases of supplemental plumages are few but include ptarmigans and some species of terns. If a bird has multiple supplemental plumages, these are termed “supplemental a,” “supplemental b,” and so on. Documented cases in which more than three molts occur in a cycle are rare, and they in­ volve only limited areas of the plumage. One study of Spizella sparrows108 showed that feathers on the chin and throat were molted multiple times in a cy­ cle, perhaps as an adaptation to decrease parasitism by lice.

We have already met basic plumage—the plumage acquired by the complete (or near-complete) molt shared by all birds and presumed to be homologous. The molt producing basic plumage is the prebasic molt (in the H-P system, molts are named for the plumages they produce). Other plumages that need to be de­ fined are juvenile, formative, alternate, and supple­ mental. Another term to be aware of is “definitive plumage” (discussed below). All of these plumages are traced here using the White-crowned Sparrow as an example (Figures 26-31).

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