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By Roger Allen

A research of Muhannad Al-Muwylili's Hadith Isa Ibn Hisham.

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3 The Heart and the Psyche are two partners in this body; and the energy of the Heart comes from Cognisance and (from) Intelligence, Knowledge, 24 the ‘five limbs’ of the soul Comprehension, Mind (dhihn), Sagaciousness (fiṭna) and Attention [or Memory] (ḥifẓ); and (from) life for God, and from the joys of these things taking place within him, energising him and [being] a source of life for him. 32 The servant needs to seek refuge in God and struggle with his self (cf. , Qurʾan 6 (alNaḥl):37 and 25), the admonition is the ‘impression’ (al-athāra) … the servant possesses a body in which has been mounted the Spirit (al-rūḥ), and the Mind, the Intelligence, Knowledge, Attentive Memory and Sagacity (al-kays); and these are the troops of the Spirit … so the admonition awakens or enlivens these qualities.

20. 41. For the significance of al-Ḥakīm al-Tirmidhī’s employment of al-ṣadr, see his work Bayān al-farq bayna al-ṣadr wa’l-qalb wa’l-fūʾad wa’l-lubb, ed. Nicola Heer (Cairo, 958). 42. ʿIlm al-awliyāʾ, p. 4. 43. Ghawr al-umūr or al-Aʿdāʾ wa’l-nafs, ed. Aḥmad ʿAbd al-Raḥīm al-Sāʾiḥ (Cairo, 993), pp. 94–06, depicting Adam and his rival Iblīs’ empowerment and granting of mastery over Adam. 44. , pp. 09–, ‘Chapter on the cognisance of “Cognisance” and the cognisance of its substantial essence’.

An Anthology of Islamic Studies, Volume II (Montreal, 996), pp. 09–. ‘La «double échelle» d’Ibn ʿArabī chez Simnānī’, in M. A. , Le voyage initiatique en terre d’Islam. Ascensions célestes et itinéraires spirituels, Bibliothèque de l’École des Hautes Études, Section des Sciences Religieuses, tome 03/Institut Français de Recherche en Iran (Louvain and Paris, 996), pp. 25–264. ‘Le paradoxe de la “face de Dieu”: ʿAzîz-e Nasafî (VIIe/XIIIe siècle) et le “monisme ésotérique” de l’Islam’, SIr, 25 (996), pp.

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