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By Rachel Cantor

"Cosmic and comedian, choked with philosophy, mysticism and celestial whimsy. either profoundly wild and wildly profound."
--Charles Yu, writer of How to reside effectively in a technology Fictional Universe

In the not-too-distant destiny, competing significant quickly foodstuff factions rule the realm. Leonard works for Neetsa Pizza, the Pythagorean pizza chain, in a lonely yet hugely surveilled domestic place of work, answering calls on his proceedings hotline. It's a humdrum task, yet he likes it--there's a collection resolution for each state of affairs, and he by no means has to depart the home. other than then he starts off getting calls from Marco, who claims to be a thirteenth-century explorer simply again from Cathay. And what do you assert to a caller like that? Plus, Neetsa Pizza doesn't love it in the event you burst off script.

Meanwhile, Leonard's sister retains disappearing on mystery missions together with her "book club," leaving him to maintain his nephew, this means that Leonard has to head open air. and outdoors is the place the difficulty starts off.

A impressive debut novel in which medieval Kabbalists, infrequent booklet librarians, and Latter-Day Baconians skirmish for keep an eye on over mystery mystical wisdom, and one Neetsa Pizza worker discovers that you simply can't store the realm with pizza coupons.

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