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Then she wept and Hasan's mother had pity on her condition and said to her, "O my daughter, here we are strangers and thy husband is abroad. Were he at home, he would serve thee himself, but, as for me, I know no one. [FN#86] Men are excusable, because they are jealous and their reason telleth them that, if a woman go forth the house, haply she will do frowardness. "[FN#87] Then she wept and cursed fate and bemoaned herself and her strangerhood, till Hasan's mother was moved to ruth for her case and knew that all she said was but truth and that there was nothing for it but to let her have her way.

Hasan replied "Nothing! " Then he wept for stress of longing and recited these couplets, "You are my wish, of creatures brightest-light * I deem you lief as hearing, fain as sight: You hold my heart which hath become your home * And since you left me, lords, right sore's my plight: Then think not I have yielded up your love, * Your love which set this wretch in fierce affright: You went and went my joy whenas you went; * And waned and wax'ed wan the brightest light: You left me lone to watch the stars in woe: * Railing tears likest rain-drops infinite.

When it was the Seven Hundred and Ninety-seventh Night, She continued, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that Hasan's mother bewept through the watches of the night and the whiles of the day her separation from her son and his wife and children. On this wise it fared with her; but as regards Hasan, when he came to the Princesses, they conjured him to tarry with them three months, after which long sojourn they gave him five loads of gold and the like of silver and one load of victual and accompanied him on his homeward way till he conjured them to return, whereupon they farewelled him with an embrace; but the youngest came up to him, to bid him adieu and clasping his neck wept till she fainted.

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